Energy-based structural analyses and sensing” is a collaborative workshop, successfully conducted between 04.30.2018 and 05.04.2018 at MIT. “MIT International Science and Technology Initiatives” (MISTI) supported the workshop. Directors of the workshop were Prof. Dr. Oral Büyüköztürk (MIT), Assoc. Prof. Dr. Cem Yalçın (BU) and Prof. Dr. Ercan Yüksel (ITU). This summary includes information about the scope of the workshop, the conducted research and experimental work on energy-based earthquake resistant structural design and analysis. The topics involve novel structural monitoring techniques, sustainable structural materials, efficient and easily deployable sensing technologies, and energy-based approaches as a basis for new design recommendations. This workshop was an outcome of the well-established partnership between researchers in Turkey and the US over the past decade that have focused on earthquake hazard mitigation utilizing input earthquake energy and dissipated energy of the structural elements phenomena.

The researchers presented their ongoing studies at the first, second and fourth days of the workshop. The vision-based algorithms, sensing technologies, special production techniques of cement such as using volcanic ash were discussed. Similarly, a novel energy-based seismic design method and two algorithms to compute large displacements through video record with quick assessment methodology were presented by ITU and BU researchers. Students performed common effort to combine existing studies of both sides. Results and future directions are discussed in detail at the last day.

Presentation by Assist. Prof. Dr. Oğuz Güneş
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